Gully Sucking

Gully sucking throughout Essex, London, Kent & Hertfordshire

Our dedicated gully sucking vehicles are equipped with both a rigid boom and flexible suction hoses, allowing us to reach and maintain even the most difficult locations on roads and developments. Designed to remove liquid waste, mud and sludge from man holes, gullies and drain connections, up to and including the main sewer lines.
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We are able to jet through using the same vehicle to make sure all lines are clear and running free. It is advised that all gullies and connections should have regular maintenance to prevent any build-up of debris. Simply Loos offer a regular scheduled maintenance visit whereby we will attend site with all the correct PPE and chapter 8 equipment to allow the job to be carried out safely and efficiently.

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To request a quote on our gully sucking service, call Simply Loos in Essex on
0800 783 4710
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